Quest: Peppered Moth Simulation

For this Quest you will be playing a simulation.  You will be a bird hunting for peppered moth prey.  As the environment changes, different adaptations become more prevalent in the moths.

Play the simulation by clicking the picture below.  You’ll need to select the bubble that has the bird in it to find the game.  While you’re doing the simulation, be sure to write down the population percentages of light versus dark moths.  Once you’ve completed the simulation, return to this page and enter your data below.


Day 26

Learning Objective:

-Examine an ever-changing Earth.

-Label important events in Earth’s history.


Based on the fossils you found outside, draw a picture of how Kernan Middle might have looked millions of years ago… when the fossils that we found were still alive!

Today, students drew upon evidence found in the limestone outside to draw a scene that reflected Kernan Middle’s land of the past.  We found many seashells, corals, urchins, and other marine life in the fossil bed.

Notice how Florida has spent much of its time underwater?

From there we did some Avatar Training on dating rocks and fossils, and then examined the geologic record for major events in Earth’s history.

Download (PDF, 2.14MB)


Day 25

Learning Objective:

-Examine an ever-changing Earth.

-Understand that changing environments require adaptations to change… or living things die.


What do you know about Florida’s history? Give me some important details, if you know of any.

Today students began our investigation of evolution by examining the dynamic history of Kernan Middle School.  We worked through some Avatar Training first, to focus our thoughts, and then went digging for fossils in an exposed limestone bed at the bus loop.

Download (PDF, 754KB)