Day 2 – Thinking Like a Scientist, Pt. 1

Learning Objective:

-Identify Tested, Outcome, and Control Variables in Experiments

-Understand why scientists check other scientists’ work through peer-review.

Today students were issued their clicker numbers, met Mr. Pencil (HOORAY!), learned a little about the world of scientific knowledge, and did a quick experiment.

*Textbooks were issued today to almost all students.*

Here’s the Avatar Training from today if you would like to review:

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)

Day 1 – Welcome to Science Quest

Today is the day you embark upon a grand journey!

Our primary objectives today are to review the class syllabus and create your avatars in Science Quest.

If you ever need to review the items we discussed, you can find it all once again at the top of the page!