Testing out New Quiz Software

New Loot Box Cards for Science Quest 4.1!

Here’s the new Loot Box cards.  Thanks to all of the students that helped me to develop some great new ideas for the Science Quest system.  It’s your input that keeps this thing thriving!

Download (PDF, 70KB)

Darwin Day – Cosplay Contest!

Thursday, February 12th is the International Darwin Day.  It is a day meant to inspire people to have intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and the hunger for truth.  Charles Darwin embodied these principles as he went against everyone’s thinking at the time, often at the hand of ridicule and threats, to create the backbone of quite arguably the greatest idea of all time… that species change.

To celebrate, we’re going to have a cosplay/costume contest as your favorite organism, with bonus points if you come dressed as a transitional fossil!  A team of judges will select one winner to receive 30 R$, second place gets 20 R$, and third place gets 10 R$.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Research some organisms!  Don’t be afraid to go outside the box by choosing something that’s not an animal… perhaps you want to be a sunflower, a cordiceps fungus, or an E. coli bacterium.  Remember that transitional forms will get you a higher score when judged!
  2. Create a short report! (no more than 2-3 paragraphs) about your chosen organism that describes some of the adaptations it has gained to deal with its environmental factors through evolution.  Bring that report with you to class!
  3. Build a costume!  It is a costume/cosplay event, after all!  If you’re a tiger, paint your face with stripes.  If you’re a plant, tape some leaves on a green shirt.  Be creative!  Your costume must adhere to the dress code!  If you are found to be breaking the dress code, you will be disqualified from the contest.  If your costume requires a hat/headpiece, bring it with you to school but only put it on when you come to check in for the contest… otherwise keep your hat in your locker.

Bring your report and wear your costume on Thursday, February 12th I will be taking photos of your costume and collecting your reports on Thursday.  If you’re in my classes that day (B-Day), I’ll get your outfit judged when you come to class.  If you are an A-Day student, stop by during tutoring (8:30-9:15 AM) or I will see you at lunch to get judged.  If I miss you at lunch, stop by at the end of the day if you can to get your costume judged.

Mrs. Norris, Mr. Greer, and I will decide who the winners are on Friday, February 13th, and Rawlins Dollars will be given out the following week.

Confused? Don’t worry… I’ll be answering questions in class.

What will I be dressed up as…? I’m not sure yet…