Classcraft Grading Modifications


It’s the start of a brand-spanking new nine weeks, and we need to review our way of work to make sure that we’re pushing hard to get the most out of each and every day.  At the end of the first nine weeks I gave everyone the opportunity to help shape the future of class, and I changed around awards and grading policies to help connect all of us.

However, in the second nine weeks I noticed something that wasn’t part of the first: there was a noticeable lack of effort on everyone’s part compared to the first nine weeks.

To help address that issue I’ve decided on two different directions with Classcraft in terms of grades.

  1. Continue to give grades based on avatar level.  This is the way class has run since the beginning of the year.  However, I will not be instantly bumping everyone up to the same starting level this time.  If your grade was low from the second nine weeks it is almost assuredly directly linked to laziness.  Everyone will keep their avatar levels as-is, and grades will be given based on this breakdown:
    • F – any level up to 41.
    • D – levels 42-44
    • C – levels 45-52
    • B – levels 53-58
    • A – levels 59-61
  2. Change the grading system so that it works based on average scores. This is the traditional way that your grades come in other classes.  You would still gain XP and level up based on your grades, but your level would no longer determine your grade.  For those of you that have had worries about being in the Ds and Cs for so long in class, you may want to choose this option.
    • Example 1: on your Boss Battles you make a 100, 100, and a 90, so your grade is a 97% A.
    • Example 2: on your Boss Battles you make a 60, 40, and a 90, so your grade is a 63% D.

I am fine with either of these grading systems.  I want to hear from you about how you want your grades to come, though.  I’m opening a poll below for you to vote for your choice of grading system.

How would you like for grades to work in the 3rd nine weeks?

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