ALL The Exoplanets Discovered By The Kepler Telescope

Will this rightchere is fascinatin’…. look at all the alien worlds we’ve discovered!  I wonder if any has life?

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Lesson 10: Formation of the Earth & Plate Tectonics

Lesson Objectives:

  • Students can articulate where the gigantic heat gradient between our inner core and outer space came from; our planet’s formation left behind great residual heat, and breakdown of elements has cause our core to reach an estimated 5,400⁰C.
  • Students can describe how the temperature difference in our core and space (at -273⁰C) causes heat to constantly work its way out, due to the Laws of Thermodynamics.  As the heat moves outward, it makes the liquid mantle spin from convection.
  • Students can relate the spinning/cycling movement in our mantle to a variety of surface processes in the crust, including mountain building, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Lesson Vocabulary:

Crust, Mantle, Inner Core, Outer Core, Density, Convection, Heat, Temperature, Convergent Boundary, Divergent Boundary, Transform Boundary, Subduction Zone

Here’s a diagram detailing a timeline of the formation of the Earth.  As I mentioned in class, the timeframe before 4.5 billion years ago is all a guess. Those events may have happened earlier or later than I posted.  The rest of the event dates are as correct as I can get with updated data.


On Day 62, students worked on a Gizmo in class.  To access that Gizmo at home, go to .

Username: RawlinsScience

Password: rawlins


Here’s the activity sheet that went along with the Gizmo; if it won’t load for you, use the “DOWNLOAD” button to print off a copy.

Download (PDF, 109KB)

Let’s Have a Data Chat, v.2

About once a nine weeks I like to share with you guys some of the things that help to guide where we go in class.  Last December you got to see each class’s data, and that the scores suggested we review Punnett Squares and genetics vocabulary.  Here’s a link to that score breakdown if you’re interested:

This nine weeks things are progressing much more smoothly.  Here’s a breakdown of how well each class has done on the Boss Battles by standard, and then I compare the average Boss Battle score (in BLUE) with the Pre-CGA Baseline score (in RED) and you can see how much we’ve grown (in GREEN)!


At this point in time I’m not TOO worried about any individual topics (like I was with genetics) but we’ll be sure to review all of this material before the Post-CGA aka End of Course Test.

We’ll continue to chug-along in class with the formation of the Earth and plate tectonics.  I’ll give another Data Chat update then.