Science Saturday 2 Quiz


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Science Saturday 1 Practice Quiz!

How Much Energy Does Your Family Consume?


During today’s SSR time our focus will be to determine the amount of energy your family uses.  We will be using this information as a primary source in your essay on “Should My Family Buy Solar Panels?”.

To get the past 12 months of information about your electric bill, you will need to send an e-mail to JEA if you live in Jacksonville or to Beaches Energy if you live at the beaches.

Your e-mail will ask for the previous 12 month’s energy usage for your home address.

Some important tips before you go typing:

  1. Be sure to ask politely.  There will be about 80 students asking for their information, which is quite a bit of work for the office staff at JEA and Beaches Energy.  Being nice and polite helps to get things done rather than being mean and demanding!
  2. Be sure to include your home address in the e-mail.  This will be how the energy company looks up your electrical bill.  If you live in an apartment, be sure to include your apartment number.
  3. Be sure to tell the company the purpose of your request for this information.

Here’s an example request for Kernan:

Good morning,

I’m a middle school student at Kernan Middle School and I’m working on a project in science class. We are trying to determine if our families would benefit from investing in solar panels at this time.  Would you please e-mail back my family’s energy usage over the past 12 months?  Our address is:

1234 Kernan Blvd N

Jacksonville, FL 32246

Thanks for any help you can give!

Joseph Rawlins

Log into Gaggle, and send your e-mail!

Gaggle E-mail

Pick the company to send an e-mail to:

 JEA is the company that provides electricity to Jacksonville.  Their e-mail is

energyBeaches Energy is the company that provides electricity to the Beaches.  Their e-mail is