Progress Reports

Parents, Please Read!

Every student in my classes currently has a grade of 59%, 61%, 65%, or 68%.  As of right now I have no As, Bs, or Cs.

And that’s perfectly okay!

In my class, each student works to gain points to level themselves up from a 0% to a 105%.  The benefit is that students always know:

  1. How many points they still need to earn to get the grade that they want.
  2. That their grades can never decrease; once they escape the Fs and Ds it’s smooth sailing!

Here’s the catch to all of this… progress reports make things look weird.  At least from a traditional perspective.

As of right now students have had the opportunity to earn up to 2,400 XP, which would mean a student that is doing SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME would have a 68% in class.

Please see the table below for more information about how experience points (XP) relates to grades.



Students can earn experience points while I’m out with my newborn baby in the following ways:

  1. Work on the practice quizzes that have been posted to Classcraft.
  2. Work on the Gizmos that have been posted to Classcraft.
  3. Work on the textbook sections that have been assigned in the textbook by the substitute in class.
  4. Work on the SSR essay.

Speaking of him, here’s my new son: Rowen!


Boss Battle 1: Star Shaman Ner’zhul!


Avatars! The region known as Shadowmoon Valley is under attack from a powerful star shaman known as “Ner’zhul“!  You’ll have to defeat him in a grand Boss Battle on Day 8 in order to restore peace to the home of the Starshard Clan.

Rules for Boss Battles

  1. There will be 15 questions in total to answer.  You will use your clickers to answer the questions individually.
  2. You will have 2 minutes to answer each question.
  3. You may use any of your avatar’s powers you have learned to help you defeat the Boss.
  4. You will earn XP based on the following table:
    • A = 1,000 XP
    • B = 800 XP
    • C = 500 XP
    • D = 200 XP
    • F = 0 XP
  5. You will lose 2 HP for each question that you get wrong.  This damage cannot be protected by your team.

How to Succeed in Fighting Ner’zhul

  • understand the roles of scientific laws and theories.
  • know the five scientific laws that are important for 7th grade science.
  • understand the tests for scientific claims: you must have evidence that can be tested by peer-review.
  • know the five important dates in our cosmic timeline… from the Big Bang all the way to life appearing.
  • understand that the energy released from the Big Bang included lots of light energy, and that we can group light energy into seven categories on the EMS.
  • understand that once atoms existed, light could interact with it in three ways: reflection, refraction, and absorption.
  • understand that once atoms existed, only the simplest of atoms was around (hydrogen).  It took hydrogen bunching into the first stars to create all of the heavier elements that would one day create our planet and all the living things on it.
  • know how to read a Periodic Table in these three ways: how you can determine the number of protons in an atom of an element; how you can determine if an element is a metal or non-metal; how you can determine which elements are most similar to a sample element I give you.



‘What Lies Beyond The Edge of The Universe?’

if you’re looking for something to do on this rainy Saturday, check out this article from ‘From Quarks to Quasars’. 

‘What Lies Beyond The Edge of the Observable Universe?’