Trophy Win – Fire Clan!

Congratulations to avatars TheBeachBum, FluffyTheFatCat, and KikiLawl for their win of the second trophy for Fire Clan in one day!  These ladies and the rest of their Clan was seriously on point in class.


Day 5

Learning Objectives:

-Synthesize science learned in previous grade levels to build a more complex understanding of the role energy plays in ecosystems.

-Understand that energy never disappears or is created from nothing; all energy must obey the rules of the universe set forth in the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY

Today was a “BIG IDEA” day in which we pulled everything students should know from elementary and 6th grade about food webs, and combined it with new knowledge to create this really in depth understanding of how energy flows through ecosystems.

Here’s the PowerPoint that started it all:

Download (PDF, 1.99MB)

From there we looked at the roles that Mitochondria and Chloroplasts (6th grade material) play with Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration (8th grade material).

Students ended the day by trying to figure out how to tie food chains they learned about in 5th grade together to make food webs… with the ingredients in a Tootsie Roll that they just ate (corn, sugarcane, soybeans, cows… etc.).  From what I’ve seen so far in “A” Day, it will be worth our time to learn about Food Webs rather than skip the material.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout-out to a certain Avatar in fourth period that really gave us some great conversation today: SwaggyCookies, thanks for the great discussion.

Day 4

CGA pre-tests!  What fun!

Day 3

Learning Objective:

-Analyze the differences in Scientific Laws and Governmental Laws, Scientific Theories and “Every-day” Theories

-Compare and Contrast the differences in scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge.

-Understand that scientific knowledge changes as new evidence is found, and therefore can never be “proven”.

*All students have textbooks by today, and should be keeping them at home or in their lockers.  Textbooks are for homework and additional review purposes, only.* (Except for those students in my Advanced Reading course, they need their textbooks in class 7th period.)

Students advanced in Science Quest by choosing their Avatar Roles.

Here’s the variable practice that we practiced as a whole group, and then as individuals:

Download (PDF, 133KB)

And here’s the information we viewed on the nature of scientific knowledge today:

Download (PDF, 1.24MB)

Day 2 – Thinking Like a Scientist, Pt. 1

Learning Objective:

-Identify Tested, Outcome, and Control Variables in Experiments

-Understand why scientists check other scientists’ work through peer-review.

Today students were issued their clicker numbers, met Mr. Pencil (HOORAY!), learned a little about the world of scientific knowledge, and did a quick experiment.

*Textbooks were issued today to almost all students.*

Here’s the Avatar Training from today if you would like to review:

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)

Day 1 – Welcome to Science Quest

Today is the day you embark upon a grand journey!

Our primary objectives today are to review the class syllabus and create your avatars in Science Quest.

If you ever need to review the items we discussed, you can find it all once again at the top of the page!

Lesson 1: Thinking Like a Scientist

Day 1: Introduction to Science Quest; learn about CHAMPs in the hallways and lunchroom.

Day 2: Experimental Design; Variables!; Accuracy checks in science.

Day 3: Laws, Theories, and Pseudoscience

Day 4: CGA Pretest


Welcome, Kernan Middle School!


I’m Mr. Rawlins, and I’ll be your 7th grade science teacher for the 2014-2015 school year.

Our classroom will be an exciting place, but likely different from anything you’ve ever experienced in your scholastic careers.  I highly suggest parents and students taking a moment to review the Syllabus, Teaching Philosophy, Learning Schedule, and Science Quest tabs at the top of the page.  You’ll notice immediately that my grades are assigned in a very different way than traditionally seen in classrooms.  We will review this information on the first day of school, and parents are welcome to visit after school during the first two weeks to gain a better understanding of our way of work (I’ll be available until 5:00 PM; e-mail me if you’d like to visit at another time.)

ScienceQuestTrans copyIf you’re a student itching to get started in class, I would suggest reviewing cell theory and organelles (particularly chloroplasts, mitochondria, and nucleus)We’ll begin our content this year discussing food webs.